2014: Looking forward

Have you ever been frustrated with yourself, angry that you hadn’t accomplished as much as you should have, or disappointed in your own wasted potential?

Have you ever been shocked at how much you’ve changed, proud of your achievements, or confident in your own judgment and forward progression?

It’s very odd, feeling all of that and more when thinking back on 2013.

And so, without further ado, thank you, Chris Guillebeau: How To Conduct Your Own Annual Review

What went well in the past year?:

in no particular order
– realized more of what I want in a relationship- discovered my energy type
– started working seriously on my health
– developed a much more balanced and strong sense of self
– was able to do 1 .5 chin-ups!
– committed to my passion for health and fitness through the program at IIN
– made more friends and re-committed to previous ones

What did not go well this year?

in no particular order
– did not achieve 80% compliance with my health/fitness habits
– spent far too much time in facebook and other media
– did not commit 100% to my health
– fell into overwhelm with personal development courses
– was not able to do more than 1.5 chin-ups
– did not do a mud-run
– did not make enough friends or connections

And here I diverge.

After re-reading these two articles, Have You Ever Changed a Habit – How? and On Turning Pro – One Year Later, and keeping in mind the overarching theme of a meta-habit mentioned either at zenhabits or hackthesystem, my commitments for 2014 are:

Read every day.

because reading something inspirational or passionate is one of the best ways to change your world. I will start with Adam Gilad’s reading list; he is amazingly down-to-earth yet barrier-breaking in his views.

Be active every day.

because my health needs to be one of my top priorities.

Do one of my passions every day.

because living without a passion isn’t living. I want to discover my ikigai.

I will start Jan 1, 2014 and work my way up from there.

2014 - I'm going to shine through the clouds.

2014 – I’m going to shine through the clouds.

What are you committed to this year? Please tell me in the comments and maybe we can help each other achieve more!

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